Gomm & Smith makes available a variety of resources on international litigation and arbitration.  Here, you can find copies of the Miami Arbitration Reports, links to helpful websites, and access to other resources provided by the firm.  We hope you find these resources useful.

Miami Arbitration Reports Vol 1 Issue 2

With the second issue, the Miami Arbitration Reports changed its format but returned to the issue of manifest disregard after Hall Street Assoc. v. Mattel, Inc. The Second Issue covered other topics such as a review of the Arbitration Fairness Act, changes in the world of martime arbitration, and a comment on the availability of sanctions to punish frivolous appeals of orders confirming arbitration awards. To read the full report, click here.

Miami Arbitration Reports Vol 1 Issue 1

The Miami Arbitration Reports started with a more academic appearance and a slightly different name, but the content had the same focus and quality.  Check out this issue for the first in a series of reports on the effects of Hall Street Assoc. v. Mattel, Inc. We also included two important cases on discovery in aid of arbitration and the first of two reports on class action waivers.  Click here to download a pdf copy of Issue 1.

Miami Arbitration Reports Vol 1 Issue 3

In Issue 3, the Miami Arbitration Reports addressed a few cases where parties turned their fire on the arbitral institution when the award or proceedings did not end as expected.  In addition, the Miami Arbitration Reports finished their study of the aftereffects of Hall Street Assoc. v. Mattel, Inc.and considered a ruling on labor arbitration from the Supreme Court.  Finally, we looked at the availability of arbitration in joint ventures.  For Issue 3, click here.

Miami Arbitration Reports Vol 1 Issue 4

Issue 4 took on a number of interesting cases, including the outcome of a multimillion dollar arbitration between subsidiaries of oil industry giants Petrobras and Astra.  The Reports also reviewed a decision to apply Article V of the New York Convention by the Eleventh Circuit, a review of then appointee Sonia Sotomayor, and an analysis of a decision explaining the reasoning behind a decision on an arbitral award.  Click here for Issue 4.

Miami Arbitration Reports Vol 1 Issue 5

This issue of the Miami Arbitration Reports takes on recent decision by the Fifth Circuit to compel arbitration of claims related to a sexual assault in Iraq.  The case has political implications and is a must read.  Our special contributor, Erica Franzetti, discusses the development of 28 USC 1782, and other comments include a discussion on the Second Circuit’s recent decision to refuse enforcement of a foreign award rendered against a foreign state and the Seventh Circuit’s decision on the proper procedure for resolving disputes about naming an arbitrator.  To download this issue, click here.

Miami Arbitration Reports Volume 2 Issue 1

In the first official issue of 2010, MAR looks at the process for appointing experts analyzed by the Ninth Circuit.  The second case deals with the interesting issue of “alternative estoppel,” and the third summary covers the pitfalls of striving too hard to promote the efficiency of arbitral proceedings.  Finally, we circle back to the Arbitration Fairness Act, but this time through the unique process of multi-district litigation.  For the full issue, click here.

Miami Arbitration Reports Volume 2 Issue 2

n this edition, we review three recent Supreme Court decisions plus a ruling from the Second Circuit, all of which are important cases for arbitration in the United States and abroad.  Download the most recent edition here.


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New Survey Launched by SILC and FIU

SILC has recently launched a survey of regional arbitral institutions in Latin America. The survey is in conjunction with Florida International University’s School of Law and their Global Legal Studies Initiative, spearheaded by Professor Manuel Gomez. If you have received an invitation to participate, please click on this link to take the survey.

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