Neutrals & Experts


Whether it is a dispute under major, international rules; industry-specific rules; or local, regional rules, GS professionals have served as co-arbitrator and chair in an array of cases. Our experience includes arbitrations conducted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and the sectors are diverse, including international trade, infrastructure and construction, financial instruments and transactions, and many others.

Managing and Assisting International Disputes

In an era when disputes are increasingly international, clients increasingly ask our firm to manage proceedings in foreign countries, helping select local counsel and communicating with local counsel to coordinate parallel proceedings and strategies in different jurisdictions. We also assist foreign firms in their disputes, gathering evidence in aid of investigations and disputes in multiple countries.


Because of their deep knowledge and academic background, clients often contact GS professionals to serve as experts, both testifying and not testifying. Sometimes, the expert work takes the form of a formal report, declaration, or affidavit for submission to a court or arbitral tribunal. But in other cases, we serve as co-counsel, assisting clients and law firms to know the potential legal consequences of contemplated strategies or better understand the applicable law and improve their arguments and presentations.


GS professionals have significant experience as mediators, conducting and participating as counsel in mediations in courts and under the rules of arbitration centers. GS professionals have also taken advanced training courses to learn about recent techniques and best practices for conducting a mediation.

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