Managing International Investment

Start-up and Expansion (Global Management)

Because our clients trust our counsel, we can add value to companies when they are starting or expanding to other regions of the world. We have built a network of connections around the world that enable us to effectively and efficiently manage projects in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Start-up and Expansion (Brazil)

The Brazilian market is growing, and many companies are looking to establish a strong presence in the country. GSĀ has lengthy, in-depth experience in helping non-Brazilian companies make the move. We can help structure transactions to minimize significant litigation risk and cut the time necessary to start-up operations. With an entire team that speaks Portuguese, we also offer an effective way to understand and translate cultural hurdles and norms that make doing business easier.

Start-up and Expansion (United States)

As companies outside the United States grow, they often look to the United States to expand their horizons and access new markets. We assist companies on the issues crucial to starting and growing their business in the United States, which can include opening subsidiaries and affiliated companies, leasing office or warehouse space, and negotiating with vendors and suppliers, creating compliance programs, and general advice on doing business in the United States.

External In-House Counsel

Growing companies often find the need for counsel regarding their contracts, corporate law issues, and compliance programs. We assist companies with a range of services throughout the world, advising them on how to create contracts that better protect their interests and minimize risks associated with litigation.

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